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About Us

Our vision is to show that when it comes to excellent work, customer satisfaction and employee pride, we are the company that sets the standards against which our competitors are measured.

MACARTA DRILLING began operating in 1990 with a small fleet of men and equipment. Over the years, we have grown in size and our resources have multiplied accordingly. MACARTA DRILLING now owns and operates a wide variety of specialized equipment including rubber-tired, track and crane mounted drilling rigs, a fleet of services cranes as well as the equipment necessary for over water construction. Our large array of equipment allows us to install any size drill shaft over land or water. We can also handle challenging limited access situations and remote locations. MACARTA DRILLING offers the skills acquired through many years of experience in day to day field operations. Our consistent growth in expertise and equipment has allowed MACARTA DRILLING to continue to offer our clients our best.

MACARTA DRILLING we don’t just offer equipment and experience, we also offer team members who are trained on an ongoing basis. In addition, we believe in vigilant maintenance of our fleet. We are committed to offering the best to our customer, both owners and contractors. We are the leader in our market.

What we do


Slurry installation, Dry method installation, Casing method installation, Wet method installation, Load testing.


Soldier pile and lagging, Tieback anchors, Sheet nailing, Underpinning, Permanent and temporary applications, Augercast pile and tangent walls.


Augercast piles, Driven pipe piles, Driven H-piles, Micro piles, Soil displacement piles, Load testing.


Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don't wish it were easier; wish you were better.

Jim Rohn

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